Thank you to our volunteers

Cleared Farmhouse

Catherine Boston

If you have driven into the ICNA parking lot recently you may have noticed a dramatic change in the landscape around the farmhouse.  Diana Foster and a crew of hard working Master Naturalists have devoted many a Saturday morning to clearing away invasives from around the area.  They have come with their own tools, physically distanced for safety and are managing a herculean task with determination and muscle.  

If you go down the path just a little bit further to in front of the Education Building, you will see the work of a group of Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards who have cleared and mulched around the quiet area.   So many people contribute to making Ivy Creek a place for us to enjoy.  Some contribute with financial donations, some share their time and expertise.  Many do both.   Today I single out the MNs and CATS but I also thank everyone who helps to keep ICNA special.

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