Honoring the Carr/Greer Family

Hugh Carr

Hugh Carr

Before it was a natural area, the land that is now Ivy Creek was a farm.  An original 58 acres was purchased by Hugh Carr in 1870 and expanded by him and his family over time.  The Carr/Greer family was part of the larger Union Ridge community and played influential roles locally in the areas of education and agriculture.  Greer Elementary School is named for Hugh Carr's daughter Mary Carr Greer in recognition of her efforts as an educator.  Mary's husband, Conly Greer, was the first African American extension agent for Albemarle County and built a demonstration barn in the 1930s that Ivy Creek still uses today.   Normally this barn would be open for portions of the weekend for visitors to learn about the contributions of this family and their importance in local history.  We are sorry that we are not able to do this at the moment but look forward to when we can reopen that space.   

In the meantime, for more information on the Carr/Greer family, please visit the River View Farm section of the Ivy Creek website.  To watch the shaping of River View Farm over time, visit the storymapping section of our website.

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