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Red Trail near White Trail

Rochelle Garwood

Scenically shadowed by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Ivy Creek Natural Area (ICNA) is a 219-acre preserve bordering the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir in Charlottesville, Virginia. With over seven miles of trails traversing a mix of upland woods, pine stands, fields, streams, and shoreline, ICNA is an ideal site to learn about the rich natural history characteristic of Central Virginia. Follow along with a written guide (below) or an audio tour, or preview what you'll see with a series of panoramic pictures on a video tour. Descriptions of each trail are available here.

North Field Trail: Learn more about Virginia's historic landscape.

School Trail: Learn to identify the native trees of Central Virginia.

Red Trail: Experience Virginia's diverse natural habitats.

White Trail: Learn more about the ecology of a Virginia forest habitat.

Brown Trail: Walk through a typical forest succession.

Peninsula Trail: An adventure through a riparian habitat.