The Gardens

Pollinator garden bench

Several gardens have been established at the Ivy Creek Natural Area that demonstrate the incorporation of native plants into a cultivated area.

A Native Landscape

In 1998, the Education Building was landscaped with native trees and shrubs donated by local nurseries. Renowned landscape architect Ian Robertson and Susan Viemeister donated the design and landscape drawings used for the project. See: Landscaping for Wildlife at Ivy Creek Natural Area (PDF, 195K).

A beautiful stone wall framing the front of the Building was made possible thanks to the Garden Club of Virginia’s Commonwealth Award, for which the Ivy Creek Foundation was chosen in 1998. The local Rivanna Garden Club nominated the project for this prestigious award.

Recreating a Native Woodland Wildflower Garden

In 2001, Phil Stokes undertook the task of landscaping the area behind the rock wall with native wildflowers and shrubs. Stokes used plants rescued from development projects as well as some from his own garden collection.

See: Partial Diagram and list of plants (PDF, 1.49M) found in the Ivy Creek rock wall garden.

Planting for Pollinators

Located along the Paved Trail and close to the Education Building and the Barn, the Pollinator Garden is planted with native wildflowers and shrubs.  Originally created in 2004 as a meadow garden and later a more formal butterfly garden, the existing garden was established in 2017 to attract and support pollinators and other insects, and to provide a resource for visitors to view and learn about pollinators, native plants and native plant gardening.  We invite you to wander through the Pollinator Garden or sit on one of the two benches to observe the wildflowers and their wild visitors.  Garden maps and information are available here and at the garden. An audio tour is also available (see below).


Pollinator Garden Maps (PDF, 3.58M)
List of Pollinator Garden Plants (PDF, 1.08M)
Explore the Pollinator Garden (PDF, 276K)
What Makes a Garden Beautiful? (PDF, 301K)
Who are the Pollinators? (PDF, 330K)
Meet the Pollinators (PDF, 151K)
Create a Pollinator-Friendly Garden (PDF, 299K)
Pollinator Garden Tour - This is one of the Ivy Creek audio tours featured at izi.TRAVEL. Download the free app and walk the tour on your own at Ivy Creek Natura Area or "walk" it from home.