Field Trips

Thousands of school children have been coming to the Ivy Creek Natural Area for field trips each year since we began offering them in the early 1980s. Let our trained volunteer nature guides lead your class on an adventure in observation, interpretation and wonder.

What happens on an Ivy Creek Field Trip?

Children will split into small groups of 10 or less to allow maximum contact with nature and the material to be studied. Each smaller group will have a guide from Ivy Creek and an adult chaperone provided by the school who will be responsible for any behavioral guidance the students might need.  Guides will lead the children through a diversity of habitats on one of the trails at Ivy Creek, encouraging them to notice and ask questions about what they see and find. Teachers are welcome to choose a particular theme for the guides to focus on based on the time of year and current curriculum studies.  We also offer some special extra programming that can enrich the students'  learning opportunities.  Most tours end with time to spend in our historic barn, built in the 1930s by Conly Greer.  The barn houses natural exhibits of nests, skulls, trees and animal tracks as well as cultural history exhibits. 

How do I arrange for an Ivy Creek field trip?

It’s easy. You can contact Susie Farmer, Director of Education for ICNA, at  Or simply fill out this Field Trip Request Form.   

Other frequently asked questions about the field trips:

When are field trips offered? We offer most field trips on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings;  primarily in the months of March, April, May, September and October.

How long do they last? We traditionally schedule them to last for one hour but can accomodate up to 1 1/2 hours.  Special programs add extra time.

Is there a maximum number of students that can come at one time?  We ask that you divide each class into groups of ten students or less, with at least one adult supervisory chaperone for each group of ten students.  The total number of students we can accommodate is dependent on how many guides we can schedule, but is never more than 60.

Can you accommodate mobility and other special needs?  Yes.  Please let us know ahead of time so that we can ensure the richest experience possible for your students.  

Because Ivy Creek is a wildlife area, picnicking after a tour is not accommodated. We highly recommend picnic sites at nearby Pen Park or McIntire Park should your group wish to make lunch and play time part of your Ivy Creek field trip experience.

For more information, contact:

Susie Farmer
Director of Education
(434) 973-7772 (voicemail)

It is through the direct and positive experience of the environment that the next generation will develop the knowledge, passion and wonder needed to meet the challenges of our changing world.