Field Trips

Thousands of school children have come to the natural area for a field trip since 1980. Trained volunteers interpret the natural world to young visitors.

What happens on an Ivy Creek Field Trip?

You’ll choose a particular theme based on time of year and grade level material. Our team of trained volunteer nature guides follow this theme as they lead the children on trails through the woods and fields of the Ivy Creek Natural Area. The large group of schoolchildren is divided into small groups of 10 or less to allow maximum contact with nature and the material to be studied. Each smaller group has a guide and a chaperone.

How do I arrange for an Ivy Creek field trip?

It’s easy. Fill out this Field Trip Request Form.  Or you can contact us directly at

Are there any other requirements?

We require an adult chaperone for each small group of ten students. Our primary rule at Ivy Creek is respect: for plants, for animals, for the guides. It is the chaperones’ job to maintain discipline. The guides’ job is to guide and teach.

It is through the direct and positive experience of the environment that the next generation will develop the knowledge, passion and wonder needed to meet the challenges of our changing world.

Other frequently asked questions about the field trips

When? We offer most field trips on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

How long? We schedule them to last for one hour.

Will all my students go in one group? No. We break each class into groups of ten students or less, with each group led by a volunteer guide. The school provides at least one adult supervisory chaperone for each group of ten students.

One of my students can’t walk easily. Should they stay behind? For children with special needs, we have a shorter, flat and paved trail. Please let us know in advance if you want to use this trail.

Because Ivy Creek is a wildlife area, picnicking after a tour is not accommodated. We highly recommend picnic sites at nearby Pen Park or McIntire Park should your group wish to make lunch and play time part of your Ivy Creek field trip experience.

For more information, contact:

Catherine Boston
Director of Education
catherine at
(434) 973-7772 (voicemail)