Mountain Laurel Blooming off the Blue Trail

Mountain Laurel/Blue Trail

Catherine Boston

There is a bench at Ivy Creek at the top of the North Field where it connects with the Blue Trail.  In the winter you can sit on this bench and look out through the trees to the reservoir.  In the summer it is a sweet spot to step out of the heat and into the shade for a respite.  Yesterday was damp and cool so I didn't need the shade but I did step onto the Blue Trail to take this picture of the Mountain Laurel that is blooming now.  Mountain Laurel is a shrub that likes acidic soil and is an indicator species for Oak-Hickory Forests.   In addition to being beautiful, it provides good cover for wildlife.  There is quite a lot of Mountain Laurel on the Peninsula Trail but if you only have a short walk in mind, here is one other place to find it.

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