Autumn Equinox

Witch Hazel flowers

Catherine Boston

I love the time around the Equinoxes and Solstices.  I am always reminded of the balance of things in nature.  The autumn equinox reminds me of the balance between light and dark in the day.  On this day it is even.  And as I walked and found this witch hazel bloom I was reminded that sometimes there is balance where we least expect it.  Here is a tree that blooms in the fall.  And because there aren't so many pollinators around, it balances by blooming for a long time--from September-December.  And it can self-pollinate if need be.  The life cycle is a long one with pollination happening in the fall but fertilization not complete until the spring and seeds maturing for the next fall.  I love Witch Hazel, because it reminds me that there is a "long haul" and to be patient.  But also to be diligent and keep working.  And it is beautiful.  If you haven't ever looked up close at witch hazel flowers, they are worth a moment of your time.

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