Happy Earth Day

Y-R Warbler

I walk the trails at Ivy Creek every so often to check for downed limbs and/or other possible concerns.  Lately this gives me time to reflect especially on the reports I read about the importance of exercise and fresh air for supporting our immune systems as well as the positive effect interacting with nature has on our nervous systems.  Studies have shown that just spending a few moments looking at pictures of nature can improve a person's well being.  

I did find a tree limb down across the green trail yesterday.  I also found two yellow-rumped warblers dancing about in the beech trees and one was kind enough to pose for me.  So on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day I hope that this small gesture will bring a smile, some relief to your stress and a moment of reflection on what we still have that continues to sustain us.  

Stay safe everyone.

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