Pear Tree off the Red Trail

Pear Tree at Upper Field

Bob Gore

Those of you who walk the entire Red Trail will be familiar with the pear tree that grows at the edge of the upper field, near the junction of the Red and Brown Trails.  It is in bloom and beautiful now, as captured by Bob Gore.  Bob has walked the Red Trail for years and tells me that this is a particularly abundant year for the blossoms.

I don't know how this tree came to be in that particular spot.  We have aerial photographs of River View Farm from 1937 that clearly show an orchard behind the Barn area.  And agricultural records tell us that there were orchards here.  But this pear tree is a long way from the orchard we know existed.  It is, however, near to a spot where there was once a tenant farmer's home (just below the field, along the Brown Trail) so it is possible that the tree is somehow connected to that home.  One of the many mysteries to ponder as you walk the trails and a reminder of the many facets to the history of the land at Ivy Creek.  

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