Spring Ephemerals on the Red Trail

Rue Anemones

Catherine Boston

I walked the red trail today at Ivy Creek and want to thank all of you who are sharing the trails at ICNA in such respectful and considerate manners.   The Ivy Creek Foundation had just received an email asking us if there were spring ephemerals here and why they weren't more evident.  While it is true that Ivy Creek does not have the showy displays of spring ephemerals that places like Monticello or Key West subdivision (our soil is not as fertile as the alluvial floodplains where the truly dramatic spring wildflower shows happen), we do have these precious gems and they are starting to show themselves if you look carefully.   There was plenty of rue anemone along the trail and several nice stands of bloodroot (by the bridges).  We saw the leaves of cranefly orchis, a few rattlesnake plantain and one stand of puttyroot.  And, of course, ending up at the Education Building there is a beautiful stand of bluebells.  

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