Pollinator Garden Tour

Bee on Shrubby St Johnswort

Catherine Boston

At Ivy Creek, we are deeply committed to the process of experiential learning that happens when people are together in person with an expert.  We hope to be able to safely offer guided tours and programs to you in the future.  It is who we are and what we love.  In the meantime, we are feeling creative and are adding a series of virtual tours to our repertoire of ways to share information with you.  These virtual tours are a tool for the times and we are excited about them.  The latest tour focuses on ICNA's magical pollinator garden and will "walk" you through a handful of the plants that you can find there.  Download the free app and walk the tour on your own at Ivy Creek or  "walk" it from home.  This is the first in a series of tours that we call Plants of the Ivy Creek Natural Area and that share knowledge from some of our learned naturalists.  You can find all the audio tours for Ivy Creek at this link.  To access the Pollinator Garden tour, click on Plants of the Ivy Creek Natural Area.

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