New Plant Walk from the Native Plant Society

Persimmon on the peninsula trail

Catherine Boston

Earlier this week I had the privilege to walk with Phil Stokes to record the new virtual plant walk being offered by the Jefferson Chapter of the Native Plant Society.   This month's walk focuses on trees and it turns out that Phil and I both have a soft spot for the persimmon tree.  I imagine that many of you do also.  My soft spot comes from memories of working on a farm and going out in the fall with our farmer to the bottom of a lake field and being raised up in the bucket of the tractor so we could pick persimmons.  This would be in the later autumn, once the weather had turned and the fruits had lost their astringency.  A friend of mine would spend hours processing the persimmons to make bread to share.  It was a true labor of love that baking but made all the more precious by the fun we had collecting the fruit.  

To learn more about the trees of Ivy Creek, take some time before the end of the month and "walk with Phil". 

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