Black Cohosh along Martin’s Branch

Black Cohosh along Martin’s Branch

Catherine Boston

There have been so many beautiful days this spring offering some respite from the challenges and sorrow.  Hopefully you are all finding some--whether by sitting near an open window, on a porch, or in a new vegetable garden.  I want, again, to thank all who have come to use the trails at Ivy Creek for being careful and respectful of others.  

Today was a day for dragonflies and turtles!  I also saw a zebra swallowtail as I walked the Red Trail.  And the black cohosh is up.  This is a favorite of mine as I associate it with one of the first wild places that I ever came to know well.  So I greet it as an old friend when I find it in the spring.  This one was particularly beautiful against the bank of Martin's Branch. 

Black Cohosh along Martin’s Branch

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