July 13, 2021


Catherine Boston

It is a beautiful morning here at ICNA.  I was greeted at the Kiosk by a family of groundhog and a couple of cottontail rabbits, one of whom decided to escort me part-way to the Education Building.  Rabbits are a common sight at ICNA, particularly this time of year.   Rabbits have large eyes that are to the side of their heads which allow them great peripheral vision to protect themselves from all those creatures that prey on them for food.  They have four incisors (two large ones in front and two behind them) that will continue to grow throughout their lives so it is important that they continue to wear them down by constant chewing.  Their skulls are easily identifiable because they are fenestrated--meaning that they have lots of "window-like" openings that give them a lacy quality and make them much lighter.  This structure helps to make the rabbit so light on its feet.

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