April 04 2020

Toad Trillium in bloom

Toad Trillium

Found near the Education Building a few days ago

April 02 2020

Redbud in bloom

Redbud in spring

The redbuds near the barn are blooming in full throated spirit today at Ivy Creek.  

March 26 2020

Painted Turtles

Painted turtles

The sun came out this afternoon at Ivy Creek and so did the painted turtles.

March 26 2020

Spring Ephemerals on the Red Trail

Rue Anemones

Catherine Boston

I walked the red trail today at Ivy Creek and want to thank all of you who are sharing the trails at ICNA in such respectful and considerate manners.   The Ivy Creek Foundation had just received an email asking us if there were spring ephemerals here and why they weren't more evident.  While it is true that Ivy Creek does not have the showy displays of spring ephemerals that places like Monticello or Key West subdivision (our soil is not as fertile as the alluvial floodplains where the truly dramatic spring wildflower shows happen), we do have these precious gems and they are starting to show themselves if you look carefully.   There was plenty of rue anemone along the trail and several nice stands of bloodroot (by the bridges).  We saw the leaves of cranefly orchis, a few rattlesnake plantain and one stand of puttyroot.  And, of course, ending up at the Education Building there is a beautiful stand of bluebells.  

March 23 2020


Newly Mown South Field

Those who have been driving into Ivy Creek over the past week would have noticed a dramatic change in the landscape around the parking area.  Ivy Creek maintains four "fields" as part of the Natural Area.  Fields are rich areas of biodiversity, providing food and habitat for wildlife and educational opportunities for all of us.  These fields need to be maintained or they will convert to forest similar to those we walk through on the trails.  Strategies for maintaining these fields have changed over the years but the most recent method has been annual mowing; most recently started last week.  

March 21 2020

More signs of spring at Ivy Creek


Thanks to Dan Nissen for this image!

March 20 2020

First Day of Spring at Ivy Creek

Bluebells by the Education Building

As we all learn how to best make our way in these unprecedented times, nature continues to provide solace and beauty.  Here are some bluebells found blooming on the first day of spring 2020 at Ivy Creek.

October 10 2019

October Bird Walk

The cool 50 degree weather brought out 28 birders to join Janet Paisley from the Monticello Bird Club on Saturday, October 5.   The cool weather also brought out birds--42 species in total including:   Black-throated Green Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Northern Parula, Black and White Warbler, White-throated Sparrow, Field Sparrow, Double-crested Cormorant and two Bald Eagles who flew over the parking area as the group was dispersing.

October 10 2019

Seen Recently at Ivy Creek

Nature Table Art

Rochelle Garwood

found on the Little Naturalists' nature table

September 23 2019

Seen Recently at Ivy Creek

Comma butterflies

Alice Cannon

Thank you to Alice Cannon for this photograph of Comma butterflies in the parking area.