Greer Dump Site and Archaeological Excavation

Greer artifactIn addition to his two full time jobs as farmer and County extension agent, Conly Greer also worked other jobs that benefited his farm. During the second quarter of the twentieth century, Greer held several contracts with Charlottesville institutions to collect their trash. He made regular trips into town early in the morning making his rounds. Greer collected the food refuse from University and Hospital cafeterias and used it to fatten his hogs. Later, he contracted with the Monticello Hotel to haul away its garbage. At least one dump site, likely in use during the second quarter of the twentieth century, was established on his property. Located just off the White Trail on a steep slope, artifacts are still often visible on the surface.

The Thomas Jefferson Chapter of the Archeological Society of Virginia conducted an excavation of one of the garbage dumps in April, 1998. Artifacts that were found include broken bottles, dishes and hardware. Research on the artifacts to verify their origin and dates continues and the chapter anticipates publishing a complete report. Some of the found items are from the old Monticello Hotel in downtown Charlottesville soon after it opened in 1926.

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