Carr/Greer Family Residence


There are no records to indicate who built the farm house at River View Farm, but it is likely that Hugh Carr constructed it himself after his marriage to Texie Mae in 1883. The original house occupied the highest ground and was shaped like the letter ‘I’, oriented in an east-west direction with a center gable and two chimneys, one on either end.

After Hugh Carr’s death in 1914, Carr’s eldest daughter Mary Louise lived here with her husband Conly Greer and daughter Evangeline. Mrs. Greer taught at the nearby Albemarle Training School. During this time, the farm house also boarded ATS students who lived too far away to get to school each day.

The Carr / Greer farm house is currently being stabilized and repaired and is off-limits to park visitors.

See also: 1997 field notes on the residence by Dr. K. Edward Lay, Professor Emeritus of architecture, architectural history, and historic preservation at the University of Virginia.