Carr Family Genealogy

Map Genealogy

Single digits indicate generation, beginning at 1 for the parents of Hugh Carr.

  • 1 Thomas Carr born circa 1805 –+Fanny b. ca. 1800 –
    • 2 Clorinda Carr 1825 –
      • 3 Nancy Carr 1848 –
      • 3 Billie Carr 1850 –
      • 3 Elizabeth Carr 1855 –
      • 3 Thornton Carr 1858 –
      • 3 George Carr 1862 –
      • 3 Lucian Carr 1863 –
      • 3 Emily Carr 1866 –
    • 2 Thomas Carr 1835 – +Malinda
      2nd Wife of Thomas Carr:+Alice White 1862 – m: November 29, 1887
      • 3 Mary Carr 1867 –
      • 3 Jane Carr 1868 –
      • 3 John Carr 1870 –
      • 3 Spenser Carr 1872 –
      • 3 Andrew Carr 1873 –
      • 3 Armstead Carr 1876 –
      • 3 Hezekiah Carr 1879 –
    • 2 Hugh Carr 1840 – 1914 d: 1914 +Florence Lee 1846 – m: December 25, 1865
      2nd Wife of Hugh Carr: + Texie Mae Hawkins – 1899 m: September 06, 1883 d: 1899
      • 3 Mary Louise Carr 1884 – 1973 d: December 19, 1973
        +Conly Greer 1883 – 1956 m: December 1913 d: April 30, 1956
        • 4 Louise Evangeline Greer b. April 25, 1916 m: 1938 d: 1996
          +Hinton C. Jones
          • 5 Hinton Jones, Jr. d. 2013
          • 5 Helen Theodosia Jones (Lemons) b. 1938
          • 5 Marilavinia Jones (Halyard)
          • 5 Manfred Jones
      • 3 Marshall Hubert Carr 1886 – 1916 d: 1916
      • 3 Fannie Carr 1887 – +Washington
      • 3 Peachie Carr 1889 – 1977 d: March 1977
        +Dr. George F. Johnson – 1945 m: 1914 d: 1945
        2nd Husband of Peachie Carr:+Miner F. Jackson – 1968 m: 1951 d: 1968
      • 3 Emma Clorinda 1892 – 1974 d: September 12, 1974
        +Tobias Emanuel Whitten – 1929 m: 1921 d: 1929
        • 4 Alice Ann Whitten  +Adams
          • 5 Alvin Adams
          • 5 Marlene Adams
          • 5 Lisa Whitten
          • 5 Wanda Whitten
        • 4 Benjamin Carr Whitten 1923 – 2012
          • 5 Benjamin Whitten, Jr.
        • 4 Tobias Whitten 1927 –
      • 3 Virginia Carr 1893 – 1935 d: December 24, 1935  
        +Maxwell Brown
        • 4 Kenneth Brown
      • 3 Annie Hazel Carr 1895 – 1975 d: April 1975
        +Willie V. Jackson – 1947 m: 1920 d: 1947
        2nd Husband of Annie Hazel Carr:+Rev. Agnew m: 1968
        • 4 Earl Jackson +Gloria
          • 5 Earl Jackson, Jr.
  • 2 Armistead Carr 1845 – 1931 d: February 07, 1931
    +Eliza Holmes 1852 – m: December 30, 1869
    2nd Wife of Armistead Carr:
    +Bettie Kirby 1864 – m: September 07, 1893
    • 3 Lizzie Carr 1870 – +Frank Dickinson 1865 –
    • 3 Alice Carr 1873 –
    • 3 Ernest Carr 1878 –
    • 3 Cora B. 1883 –
    • 3 Cornelis E. 1883 –
    • 3 Annie A. 1886 –
    • 3 Linwood 1889 – 

Coordinator's research notes

The first mention of Thomas and Fanny Carr is in the marriage license of Hugh Carr to Florence Lee in 1865. Thomas and Fannie are identified as Hugh’s parents.

The census of 1870 has Thomas Carr, age 65, on the W.W. Worledge Farm, as the head of the household. Other members of the household include Fannie (age 58), Hugh (age 30), and Armstead (age 26).

Fannie (age 70), Hugh (age 30) and Armstead (age 25) are also identified in the 1870 census as living on the R.W. Wingfield farm but Thomas is not in that household.

Note the discrepancies in ages, in spite of coming from the same census; our research often revealed such conflicting data.

Thomas and Fanny are identified as parents in the marriage certificates of: (all second marriages)
Hugh Carr to Texie Marie Hawkins, 1883
Armstead Carr to Bettie Kirby, 1893
Thomas Carr to Alice White, 1887

In an 1875 contract to work on the Wingfield farm, Hugh Carr is given a house for himself and his mother, although his mother is not identified by name. This is the last reference to either parent as living. Neither is found in the 1880 census in Albemarle County.
There are primitive field stones next to the house at Ivy Creek that may be the burial site of one or both of them, but that is pure conjecture. Research into the graveyard continues.

Research notes on Clarinda Carr

Clarinda (or Clorinda) Carr, b ca. 1825
Clarinda is recorded in a document called “Enslaved Mothers and Their Babies: 1853-1865”
It is from the Virginia Old Birth Index, Bureau of Vital Statistics, microfilm at Library of Virginia, Richmond;
It is organized by owner and only records female slaves having babies between those years.
Belonging to R. W. Wingfield
Clarinda gives birth to:
Elizabeth in Oct 1855
Thornton in May 1858
George in Feb 1862
(Thornton and George show up in the 1870 census with Clarinda, see below)

Other R.W. Wingfield slave names are Eliza, Catharine, Louisa, Mary, Anne
Louise, Mary, and Annie are in the Carr daughter’s names.
Eliza has Margaret in 1860. A Margaret, age 10-12 lives in Hugh Carr’s household in 1870, but no Eliza. Armstead is married to an Eliza but she is too young to be the mother of Margaret.On November 18, 1860
Clarinda is baptised along with Hugh, Frances, Thomas, and John into the First Baptist Church of Charlottesville. They are recorded as belonging to R. W. Wingfield.
(Armistead and Julia, belonging to R. W. Wingfield are baptised in 1861)

In the 1870 census
Clorinda is recorded as head of her household on the RW Wingfield farm living next to Hugh Carr’s household. Armstead Carr is in the household next to Hugh.
Clorinda is identified as a domestic servant
In her household are: (all last name Carr)
Thornton, age 12
Nancy, age 22 (a milker)
Billie (possibly Bettie) age 20 also a domestic servant (could this be Elizabeth?)
George, age 10
Lucian, age 8
Emily, age 6

(Her children are cited in the household of Thomas Carr on the WW Worledge farm too and having the last name Ervin or something like that (hard to read) but Clorinda isn’t in that household.)

This is the last we hear of Clarinda or any of her children. Hugh Carr named one of his daughters Emma Clarinda ‘after Hugh’s sister’ her children are told.

Research notes on Thomas Carr, brother, b. ca 1835

Thomas Carr is a pretty common name (unlike Hugh, Clarinda and Armstead)
The reason we believe one of them is Hugh Carr’s brother is multifold:
Thomas, belonging to RW Wingfield was baptised along with Hugh, Clarinda, etc in 1860 (see Clarinda)
There are several Thomas Carr’s in the 1870 census.

In the 1880 census Thomas Carr (age 45) and family are living next to Hugh Carr and recorded as ‘farm laborer’.
Hugh Carr owns the land and is recorded as a farmer.
Armstead Carr and family lives in the household of Hugh and Armstead ‘works on farm’
In 1887, Thomas Carr age 52 remarries (widowed) to Alice White. He identifies his parents as Fanny and Thomas.
Can’t find Thomas or family members after 1880.

Research notes on Armstead (or sometimes Armistead) Carr

Armistead Carr belonging to RW Wingfield is baptised in 1861 into the First Baptist Church of Charlottesville.
Signs with his mark a contract in 1868 to work with Hugh Carr on the Sutherland farm.
Gets married on December 30, 1869 to Eliza Holmes, he identifies his parents as Fanny and Thomas.

In the census of 1870, Armstead and Eliza are in the household next to Hugh Carr on the Wingfield farm.
In the same census, Armstead is in the household with Thomas, Fanny, and Hugh on the Worledge farm.
In the census of 1880 Armstead and Eliza and their children Lizzie, Alice and Ernest live in the same household with Hugh Carr. Armstead is a ‘farm laborer’
A record of Virginia Births, 1886-1896, records that Eliza and Armstead have a child named Linwood on 9/15/1889. (I suspect Eliza dies after this birth and perhaps Linwood too)
(The census of 1890 burns so there is a big census gap)
Armstead (age 43) is remarried on 9/7/1893 to Bettie Kirby of Rappahanock. He is identified as a laborer and widower.

On 10/7/1891 Lizzie Carr, age 21, (daughter of Armstead) marries Frank Dickerson, age 24, laborer

In the census of 1900,
Armstead, age 45 ?? in Charlottesville with wife Bettie, married 7 years. They own their house, it is mortgaged.
He is identified as a laborer.
Have children in household, identified as:
Cora B. age 17 female, laundress
Cornelus, age 16, male cannot read or write, laborer
Ennie A. (or Annie?) age 14, female, at school
Girls can both read and write, but Armstead, Bettie and Cornelus cannot.
One of the children is Bettie’s but don’t know which one; suspect it is Cora.

In the Charlottesville (city) directory we find Armstead several times.
1904 Armistead as a gardener, living in Preston Heights
1910 Armistead (laborer) and Bettie (laundress) live at 612 11th St. NW
1916 Armistead (laborer) and Bettie (laundress) live at 610 11th St. Preston Heights
1919 Armistead (laborer) lives at 610 11th St. NW, Preston Heights

1910 census has Armistead (age 60), and Betty (age 44) living with Cora Brown (daughter) and John Brown (son-in-law) and Harry G (grandson) and Cloris (Cora is identified as having 2 children so Cloris must be her child). They live in Preston Heights.

1920 census Armstead, age 72, with wife Bettie, age 64 and (grandson?) Harry, age 11. Armstead can read, but not write. Bettie cannot read or write. Harry can do both.
They own their home, free of mortgage. He is a gardener.

Bell’s Funeral Home Records:
Armstead Carr, father Thomas Carr, died 2/7/1931 leaving wife Bettie.
Age at death about 70 (way off)
Buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in the City of Charlottesville.