Ivy Talk - Odonata:  Dragonflies and Damselflies!

Great Blue Skimmer

Emily Luebke

Our presentation will focus on dragonflies and damselflies with a particular emphasis on the species observed in Albemarle County.  Through a presentation of photos, we will discuss their natural history and ecology including their fascinating life cycles, role as predators and prey, preferred habitats, and some basic anatomy and tips for ID. After the presentation, specimens of adults, larvae, and exuviae will be available for viewing. 

Jim Childress and Emily Luebke, two local amateur naturalists, will present the program.  Mr. Childress has been doing fieldwork in this area for about 15 years, and published an article on the subject in Banisteria, the journal of the Virginia Natural History Society.  Ms. Luebke works as a field tech and wildlife photographer for Center for Urban Habitats and is also a member of the Rivanna Master Naturalists. 

Meet in the Education Building. Seating capacity is limited; come early as there is no standing room.

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