Ivy Talk: Why Are Snakes So Cool?

Timber rattlesnake

Butch Brodie

Whether your reaction is adoration or fear, there is no denying that everyone is fascinated by snakes. We will explore a few of the unique aspects of snake biology that generate their appeal, from how they lost their legs, to how they deliver venom, to their resistance to deadly poisons. We will also delve into the diversity of snakes in Virginia and beyond, with special attention to the biology of some of the species that are likely to be encountered at Ivy Creek.

Butch Brodie is the BFD Runk Professor of Biology at the University of Virginia, and is the Director of Mountain Lake Biological Station. He is an evolutionary biologist who studies how natural selection generates biodiversity, and how arms-races between species play out in nature. His research has taken him throughout Central and North America, studying mostly reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

Meet in the Education Building. Seating capacity is limited; come early as there is no standing room.

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