Disaster/Travel/Wilderness First Aid Course

MEDIC SOLO two people

MEDIC SOLO, in partnership with the Great Outdoor Provision Company, is once again offering its two-day Disaster/Travel/ Wilderness First Aid course, with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting the Ivy Creek Foundation. The course teaches how to save life & limb when far from a hospital during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance arrival. Hikers, travelers, or anyone who might find themselves in an emergency situation will learn what to do when emergency services are not quickly accessible. The course is Nov. 14-15 and costs $215. Numerous precautions are being taken due to COVID-19, including the relocation of the program from Ivy Creek Natural Area to Camp Holiday Trails to allow for better social distancing. To learn more, visit MEDIC SOLO's website.

TIMING AND REGISTRATION: This is a 2-day class, Saturday and Sunday November 14-15, 8:00am - 7:00pm each day. Fee: $215.  Pre-registration required at  www.solowfa.com.  Spaces are limited. 

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