Family Hike: Sounds of Nature

Cricket frog on Peninsula

Catherine Boston

Join us for an enriching walk at Ivy Creek Natural Area, where we will immerse ourselves in the beautiful sounds of nature! Designed for kids aged 9-13 and their families, this engaging will focus on the incredible sounds of the natural world.

We'll begin the program with an introduction and brief discussion about the various sounds we can expect to hear, such as bird calls, rustling leaves, and flowing water. We'll learn how to practice mindful listening, paying close attention to the subtle and vibrant sounds that surround us, and discuss the importance of sound in understanding and appreciating the environment.

As we embark on our hike, we'll listen for the calls of birds, the croaks of frogs, and the hum of insects by the water. We'll explore how these sounds contribute to the ecosystem and what they tell us about the health and dynamics of the natural area.

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