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Victoria Dye

Docent Resources

As Docents you have many resources available to you.  We have tried to link many of these here on this page for you but please don't forget that one of your greatest resources is each other.  Docents have rich and varied experiences and a wealth of ideas to share so feel free to drop in on a Saturday or Sunday to talk with other docents or sign up for a shift that partners you with someone you don't know yet.  You will learn much from each other.

In addition to the resources listed here, there are trainings throughout the year that are created for docents.  To see the schedule for these please return to the Volunteering page and click the link for training.  


Barn Docent Manual

Storymapping Project

Dede Smith talks about the history of River View Farm.  Watch video here

Other videos relevant to Ivy Creek/River View Farm can be found here

Conly Greer's Retirement Notice

Dede Smith's audio tours for Ivy Creek--note that not all of the tours on this link are Dede's about Ivy Creek

Video of Iron Claw Hay Fork mechanism (like the one in our barn)

Video of use of a Pit Saw

Video of Corn Sheller