Staff and Board of Directors


Kate Mallek

Executive Director

Kate is responsible for oversight of the Ivy Creek Foundation and management of the Ivy Creek Natural Area. She takes great joy in meeting new and regular visitors and having a chance herself to head out on the trails, to take in the view, and to enjoy watching wildlife. With a background in environmental and human health policy, Kate believes wholeheartedly in the importance of giving everyone a chance to create a personal connection with nature. Contact Kate at


Bruce Gatling-Austin

Education Coordinator

In this role, Bruce is responsible for our school and public programs, expanding our ability to serve the nature education needs of citizens, young and old. Bruce, a former Ivy Creek guide, comes to us with many years of experience in adult and elementary school education. Look for Bruce, a tall fellow with a hat and a welcoming smile, at many of our scheduled walks and events. Bruce is a Certified Interpretive Guide and a Certified Interpretive Trainer. Contact Bruce at

Board of Directors, 2018-2019

President: Lorna Werntz
Vice President: Marilyn Smith
Secretary: Diana Foster
Treasurer: Phil Stokes
Member-At-Large: Liz Sargent

Gus Colom
Rochelle Garwood
David Hannah
Kristin Sorokti
Jorgen Vik
Tom Wild
Keith Woodard