Ivy Creek Farm Celebration 2019

Barn Reopens

Saturday, April 13, 2019 | 9:00am - 12:00pm

Come enjoy the Ivy Creek Farm Celebration! Not only will the barn be open early but we'll have learning events for youngsters and oldsters. Most activities will run all morning. Others will be scheduled. Although the focus is on families, we'll have several activities just for adults. We'll have some of the events from last year agenda. See last year's schedule below for some ideas of what we will have this year.


  • Tillie the Milkable Cow: in the barn
  • Barn tours: all day in the barn
  • Make Your Own Butter: in the education building
  • Bee Smart! beekeeping: next to the barn


  • Become a Friend of Ivy Creek: near the barn
  • Solar Viewing Scope: next to the barn
  • The Story that Underwater Critters Tell: next to the barn
  • Take a look at Stream Creatures: next to the barn
  • The Joys of Backyard Birding & Binoculars: near the education building
  • Make a Special Treat for Birds: next to the barn
  • Fill the Bird Bill: next to the barn
  • What's in an Owl Pellet?: next to the barn
  • Can You Name that Bird: next to the barn
  • Nature Fun & Crafts for Preschoolers: in the education building
  • Keeping it Clean, Rivanna River Water Quality Monitoring: next to the barn
  • Taking Off with Science!: next to the barn
  • Create a Natural Habitat in Your Backyard: next to the barn
  • Grow Lollipop Blooms and Zany Zinnias: next to the barn
  • Spring Treasures Plant Walk for Adults: at the barn


  • Hiking Stick Drills Made Easy: at the barn, walking
  • Map & Compass Clinic: Fifteen minutes after the hour near barn
  • Set up a tent!: grass near barn
  • Sense Ability in the Woods: at the barn for walking
  • Self-guided Scavenger Hunt on the School Trail: school trail
  • Hike/Scavenger Hunt: grass near barn
  • Listening to the Landscape: An Innovative Approach to Environmental Education (Adults & Older Kids): meet at the barn, walking
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