Interim Kiosk Display Up

Kiosk interpretations

Catherine Boston

There is a new display for the Ivy Creek Kiosk! A hardy band of volunteers got together to mount interpretative panels in the kiosk donated and built by Keith Woodard last year. Already these panels are attracting lots of attention. Visitors can orient themselves to the ICNA “main campus” and learn the histories of the Natural Area and River View Farm.  For the time being we have integrated the old with the new and visitors are able to move through the new panels to still find the familiar and cherished trail map and information on the local watershed. This design is the beginning of a multi-step process so there will be more changes in the future, particularly as we learn the results of the application for the National Register of Historic Places for River View Farm and work progresses on the care for the grounds around the farmhouse. Please visit the space and let us know how it enhances your understanding of Ivy Creek. And please join us in thanking those who have made it possible for us to begin this important task of sharing the story of ICNA and River View Farm. Particular thanks go to Keith Woodard for both providing us with the kiosk structure but also for spearheading the physical installation of this new display. We are also deeply appreciative of the contributions made by the Blue Ridge Committee of the Colonial Dames of America and the Ballyshannon Fund in honor of John J. Huckle, DVM.

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