Saving Historic River View Farm Farmhouse - Stabilization and Repairs to Exterior


Russell Richards

Much of what is now Ivy Creek Natural Area was previously River View Farm. This was the homestead of the Hugh and Texie Mae Hawkins Carr family, formerly enslaved individuals, who established this farm about 1870. There are no records to indicate who built the farm house at River View Farm, but it is likely that Hugh Carr constructed it himself after his marriage to Texie Mae Hawkins in 1883. The original house occupied the highest ground and was shaped like the letter ‘I’, oriented in an east-west direction with a center gable and two chimneys, one on either end. The house was later expanded by their daughter, Mary Carr Greer, and her husband Conly Greer. For more information about the Carr and Greer families, please visit our cultural history page.

Work to stabilize and repair the farmhouse has now begun.The most noticeable feature of the work will be the replacement of the roof (which is not the original roof). Please respect construction boundaries during this time. Our deepest thanks to Albemarle County and City of Charlottesville for funding this project!

This is only the first phase of the house's rehabilitation, but we can hardly wait to start planning for interpretation and educational programming. If you'd like to support this effort, please consider donating to Ivy Creek Foundation. Thank you!

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