Virginia Native Plant Society November Wildflower Walk at Ivy Creek

Goldfinch on thistle

Welcome to the last edition in 2020 of the monthly self-guided plant walks sponsored by the Jefferson Chapter of the Native Plant Society and the Ivy Creek Foundation. November’s leader is Ruth Douglas, who will be walking the North Field/Lavender trail and showing us plants, many that are considered invasive and most in the seedhead stage. We marked each unique plant she speaks about with a numbered, orange flag so that they are easy to locate. We have also taken a photograph so that you can check to see if you have found the correct plant. The tour will be posted at least through December 5.

There are many ways to take this walk.
1. We have provided a Plant List which has numbered the plants to correspond with the flags you find along the trail. Print out this list and bring along a field guide to tell you about the plant as you find it.
2. If you want to walk at Ivy Creek with Ruth’s narrative, you can download the free Izi travel app from your Play Store or iTunes onto your phone and it will guide you by GPS along the tour providing Ruth’s narration with accompanying plant photograph. It is helpful to download the walk before you come to ICNA, so you are not reliant on cellphone service. You will also need to have your location turned on. To access all the photos on the app, just touch the box of images and scroll through them as you walk. Start this walk at the top of the North Field/Lavender Trail.
3. If you prefer not to download the app or you prefer to do the walk from home, you can follow the tour on your home computer from this link: You can “walk” with Ruth, hearing her narration, following the map of the walk and seeing the photographs. To scroll through all the photographs on your computer, use the red dots below the image that begins each section of the walk.

We would love your feedback after you experience this walk—in whichever version you choose. Please feel free to contact

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